Divyavani Sanskrit Radio is an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture(SAFIC), Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, India. This is the first ever 24 hours online Sanskrit Radio which was started on 15th of August 2013. Through this, SAFIC globally broadcasts a variety of programmes in Sanskrit.


Current Program Schedule 

Time Program
06.00am; 06.00pm1. Mahalaya by Deepro Chakraborty
06.10am; 06.10pm2. Devimahatmyam by Swami Sarvagananda ji
09.00am: 09.00pm 3. Hymns to the Divine Mother
10.20am; 10.20pm4. Stories for Children
10.55am; 10.55pm5. Songs for Children
11.40am; 11.40pm6. Bhavani Bharati of Sri Aurobindo
12.45am; 12.45pm7. Stories for Children
01:25am; 01:25pm8. Hymns and Prayers
02:40am; 02:40pm9. Interesting Verses
02:55pm; 02:55am10. Devotional Songs
05:25pm; 05:25am11. Man ki Baat (August 2017) (Sanskrit by Baldevanand Sagar)