Divyavani Sanskrit Radio is an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture(SAFIC), Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, India. This is the first ever 24 hours online Sanskrit Radio which was started on 15th of August 2013. Through this, SAFIC globally broadcasts a variety of programmes in Sanskrit.


Program Schedule active till the end of June 2017

Time Program
06.00am; 06.00pm1. Rhymes and Shlokas by Joy and Anand
06.40am; 06.40pm2. Songs by Madhavi Chandolikar
08.25am: 08.25pm 3. Moda Samskritam (Songs and dialogues)
09.05am; 09.05pm4. Amaravani (Songs and Shlokas)
09.40am; 09.40pm5. Bhajans by Charumati Shankaran
10.08am; 10.08pm6. Songs and Shlokas by Bandita Roy
10.48am; 10.48pm7. Adarsh Jeevan by Chimoy Mission
11:03am; 11:03pm8. Balaranjini by Samskrita Bharati
11:48am; 11:48am9. Shlokas by Madhavi Chandolikar
01:18pm; 01:18am10. Shlokas from Latika, Mallika and Kalika
01:40pm; 01:40am11. Sanskrit Patriotic Songs
03:08pm; 03:08am12. Shishu Samskritam (Songs)
03:48pm; 03:48am13. Shlokas for Children by S Rajeswari
05:38pm; 05:38am14. Stutis by Soorya Gayathri